My name is Nora and I am from Budapest, Hungary. Until the summer of 2016 I had been working in a high-level job as an attorney for the Hungarian government. I have always been a very optimistic and positive person and perhaps that’s why for a long time I didn’t realize that I haven’t been happy. The busy days at work left me little time to contemplate my life. Then during the winter of 2015 I started to hear a soft voice inside. At first just very quietly. It didn’t let me sleep, it kept whispering in my ear to quit my job, pack up my stuff, rent out my apartment and to go traveling. The whole idea seemed incredibly terrifying. It seemed crazy but it also made a lot of sense. After some time the idea became a plan and I couldn’t picture my future any other way, let alone spending another summer home in Hungary and not changing my life. In April I quit my job and a few weeks later I flew to the US to spend two months traveling around the country. My time there and the two months I spent in Costa Rica after, have changed my life forever. During my travels I was writing a blog in Hungarian about my adventures which received over ten thousand hits in my home country. It made me realize how many people can relate to my story and that I can inspire people.

This is not the end of my journey but only the beginning!

Today is the best day because tomorrow is never promised


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